Sunday Tunes: Vainilla X - Sopa Salvaje by Randy Ortiz

Todays Sunday tunes are coming via Argentinian band Vainilla X. An eclectic Spanish album full of grungy, rock and punk sounds that freely flow from one track to the other. The lead singer has a peculiar voice that reminds me of movies like Amores Perros or summer time outdoor concerts, I dig it. Hope you dig it too and find your way to the checkout of purchasing Sopa Salvaje!

VHS-OST: Time Bandits by Randy Ortiz

Sooo many visions of neons streaks... where am I and what year is this?! Either way, I'm sold on the duo of Jr Doom and BWinshell that make VHS-OST.

Right from the beginning I got a hint of Scarface killing Manny vibe from Act One, then it turns into a lush synth jungle of sounds and neon lights that carries itself very well and engulfs you in its light. All you want to do is chill and let the wave take you wherever its going and that's exactly what I did, it took me from Rad Racer (NES) to Miami nightlife, sunny beaches and then racing on wet asphalt. It feels so calculated yet free of any type of rules set, I truly enjoyed every bit of it. The awesome artwork was done by 800lb productions and it truly captures the right look, it also reminds me of Game Informer's old magazine mascot. I'm excited to see where this project takes Jr Doom and BWinshell and what they tap into for the following album.

Be sure to support and buy/stream the album on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and Pandora. Below is the video for Laser XT, enjoy!

Hip Open Mind-Open Ears Hop by Randy Ortiz

It was hard for me to stand anything with DJ Khaled, didn't understand Future, have trouble attempting to listen anything Soulja Boy or Gucci Mane... didn't know what a Desiigner was and always tried to pay more attention to lyrical emcees over anything. That part.

Something's changed. 

No matter how basic or unnecessarily convoluted that emcees flow is, it has a persona and even if you don't understand them it doesn't mean that you can't feel anything when you listen to a song. Some tracks and artists are solely here to get you amped up, inspire you and even make you feel invincible, does that negate their effect or contribution to Hip-Hop? Don't think so. Step off that real Hip-Hop soapbox bullshit and open your ears up, what you like today wouldn't have happened if folks discriminated (hated) the beginnings of this genre.

Would I write off Nas for a dope beat? Never BUT they have their place and mood which emanates, don't neglect it because you just might have some fun (shocking I know) with it. I've been enjoying Future, Lil Uzi Vert and even that new DJ Khaled Major Key album is getting plays. What if Jonzun Crew, The Egyptian Lover, Cold Crush Brothers, Sugarhill Gang, Rammellzee, Love bug Starski and Warp 9 never happened because no one gave them a chance and weren't considered? Think about that while you also ponder why it's wack to be happy or positive in a damn song.

Oh... that ScHoolboy Q video up there? Let it play and soak it up 'cause you need this.

What geekery am I up to? by Randy Ortiz

Hey giants! Sorry about the down time on the site, work and family stuff can keep you busy for a while hehe. My lil Giants are now 9, 3 and a soon to be 1 yr old, yep almost got my own basketball team but now I need energy, haha. So the geekery never stops in my house and there's been a disturbance in the usual digital world of playing Star Wars Card Trader which is dying off for me (another day) because of Topps' greed, I have two new sites/apps I use that are taking much of the little free time I have. See below for both and if you join, don't forget to add wgmeets! They are Clect and Neonmob, check the goodness below!

First up is Clect, I've been a non-posting member for a while but now that I am in the beta testing stages for their iOS app, I'm all for it and having fun uploading photos of my toy collection.

What’s Clect exactly? A website where you can upload pictures of all your collectibles, figures, toys and toy photography while being able to see others as well. Talk toys, like others collections and shoot the shite. You create packs (sets) and the photos you upload are cards that can go into whatever packs you like. They will also let you buy/sell in the near future which is a major plus for me since I have a few figures looking for good homes. I have sooooo many photos to take... 

Check it out if you can and tell em wgmeets (add me) sent ya!

Secondly is Neonmob which is an online card trading site where you can collect other artists/photographers work, it's been very pleasant so far and some of the art there is pretty dope. Yes I am a digital card collecting addict... no shame haha.

They give out tons of freebie cards daily and when or if you decide to buy coins to open packs, the artists are actually getting some of that, you can also buy prints of their work if you really dig their work also! You can create sets (70% royalty) also which is a part of the service I am currently working on creating a set for. So many art styles and I already collected all cards from an Animal Crossing set, yes there is an Animal Crossing set haha.

The traders are pleasant and the experience has been good so far, don't forget to add me and send me a trade! I like the browser IU, good clean design and the iOS app currently in the works is shaping up to be a great on the go addiction... err addition. Yeah addition.

The WGM Art Gallery is now up! by Randy Ortiz

I've been slowly but surely gathering a few folks to start an online gallery where I can showcase artwork and photography from all sorts of mediums and places. Today is the day that I reveal the WGM gallery and extremely glad to have the trust of fellow artists to display their work properly. Thanks also goes to Google's Open Gallery folks, they've been a great help as I picked their brains, they have created such a wonderful concept and powerful zoom, you can really get in there and see the detail of the work.
I hope to have more artists join in and perhaps have a rotating exhibition per artist on a monthly or bi-monthly basis... let's see. A Giant thanks to the first participating artists which are Dewey Saunders , Eduardo Colon, Adam Lister, MtheNelson, Rasheed Chappell and Sean Conley. After each exhibit you can see information about them and their respective links. Hope everyone likes the gallery and remember to ZOOM in on the pieces, that's half the fun besides their amazing work!

View gallery

Mystery Caves 'Ausarian Comforts' Coats Ears by Randy Ortiz

Ever poured out a nice cool glass of sharp squared liquified matter, it spills everywhere then it coats everything in a thick organic layer? Of course not but this is what Ausarian Comforts is like, difficult to explain but while listening to it you might understand due to it's sound and beautiful composition in each track. It feels like a constant higher meditative state with little details in the sound that add sharpness to the album overall. This is Mystery Caves first full length album under Alpha Pup's in-house imprint Psychic Fortitude. A great kick off to what's sure to be a success in sound. My favorite track is Ancestral Ascension, it seems to encompass the overall theme of the entire album pretty well within that track and it sounds great.

The album is now available on iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep and Amazon, if interested in buying vinyl then hit up their shop. Listen below for track 'Ancestral Ascension' for a taste of what the album is like.

Metroid: The Sky Calls by Randy Ortiz

What Rainfall Films has created is what Nintendo should be looking towards or creating something of the like. It's what all us fans keep screaming and yelling about and some folks are listening, the right group listened this time around and it's one of the best I've seen. They worked with director Sam Balcomb and along with the talent of Jessica Chobot and America Young made it come alive. What will unfold before your eyes is a thing of beauty and wonder, playing into the exploration and isolation aspect of space movies like Alien and 2001 Space Odyssey that fit perfectly in the Metroid universe. Enjoy the short of 11+ minutes because it will leave you wanting more. 

You guys are seriously making me look into creating a videogame themed project with this, all the good elements came together and played beautifully. Looking forward to Rainfalls next project! 

UZ-mix to Gia's Only A Girl by Randy Ortiz

So we've heard of Gia's 'Only a Girl' track and while not bad... Mr trap UZ releases his remix to it and damn, just damn. You can feel that bass in your throat bumpin, it sounds clean and strong. Really liking this remix, I usually can't really go thru most trap and want to skip a few and he manages to get me every time and listen to it all. Good shit.

Be sure to listen to his 4 track 'Frontier' EP also. 

The Whitestone Experience by Randy Ortiz

What if when you listened to music, you could also interact with the art or experience it in a better visual sense? No longer a background act or static image you stare at but immersing yourself into that album or artistic vision and able to tip said artist or creator. Sounds cool doesn't it? Well the good folks at Whitestone are trying to build a network of just that and boy does it sounds great. It seems like an insane amount of work and I'm not sure what goes into it all but the idea that I can interact with the album cover or more like how Björk has done, in one place and with many artists sounds very appealing. I'm always preaching about how there should be a stronger focus on the album art, this might strike that happy medium or surpass what I've been looking for.

Independent, interactive and immersive. Take a look at what Roey has to say about the service below and visit their Thunderclap to help spread the word. Whitestone will also be launching a Kickstarter on August 30th in order to stay independent and work personally with artists and not labels or grubby venture capitalists hands.

Powder Blues Got Me Itchin' by Randy Ortiz

Maxx Julian is at his old awesome tricks again, this 'Powder Blues' Detroit collaboration with The Guns plays out like watching and turning the knob on a VHF box. All separate sounds yet same subject and cohesive, I love the randomness of it all and it sounds great overall. I always say that I wish there were more experimental and idea pieces like this, it strays away from the normal 1-10 track album and brings something new or reinvigorates ideas. Good beats, fun cokecept and FREE, ain't no beating that. I know many of you will enjoy this, I know I did.