Forward Slash Backlash

As gamers faithful to certain game franchises, we (including myself) can be pretty stubborn about change or new additions that don't make any sense to us. With the rage of Diablo Immortal and tons of people hating Fallout 76, it's been a hard time for publishers looking to try something new since we keep asking for it yet shun anything that might deviate from our beloved formula.

We as gamers should always keep developers and publishers on their toes regardless of what's currently hot but when is it too much? When people are sending death threats or hateful messages to the publishers or booing people off a stage? Territorial as us gamers can be, people need to know when they cross that line and engage with devs and publishers in a threatening way, there's absolutely no need for it. This might sound crazy but hear me out on this next one. Perhaps that game might not be for you?

I know, you've invested tons of hours and money on their games in the past and have personal attachments but what if they are trying to reach a new audience with their established brand or just giving you another way to play? In Blizzards case I can't personally hate on them for making Diablo go mobile, there is an insane amount of gamers that solely play on phones and tablets. Now the shared look and feel of Crusaders of Light, that's a viable and welcomed discussion but we should also listen first before getting our pitchforks out. Fallout 76 is getting an incredible amount of pushbacks on it's look, feel and mechanics from the recent B.E.T.A. gameplay. I personally didn't think it was bad and played it myself. I'm not a diehard Fallout fan so certain players gripes might not resonate with me but I understand some of the frustration.

At the end of the day we don't own the developers, franchise and publishers, treat them with respect if you really love videogames and the industry. You really got a problem with a game and they don't listen to civil feedback? Let them know how they'll fully understand on a different and more effective level... their pockets. Just don't complain next time when a publisher is looking to change things up to give you something new, when your actions show that all you want is more of the same.

Originally posted on MINDS.

Curbside Jones Channeling JetLag

You know… I really like beats and albums that have a more personal and vivid personality over who’s in it or what equipment you used. Curbside Jones an emcee and producer that I can listen to forever and appreciate his sound for what it sounds and talks about in a natural setting besides writing about it. His upcoming project Another Sip consisting of 13 tracks which will be audio representations of his last trip to Japan, cool shit right? This is the first single and one more coming before he drops the Another Sip beat tape and a 100 page book titled the same, both tape and book will be dropping the same day (soon) and will be of limited run so keep your eyes open and vigilant.

Hard Boiled Rocca

With the highly anticipated release of Zilla Rocca’s Future Former Rapper on November 9th, let’s revisit his August 2018 EP release Hard Boiled. A 7 track starry night, wet streets boom bap gem, as usual oozing with feeling and those roll off the tongue quip rhymes Zilla’s known for. If you’ve followed WGM for quite some time, you’ll know how I feel about his solo work and how his rhymes paint vivid pictures for me. My favorites are Alive & Paid, Rabbit Will Run and Time Ran Out but ALL the tracks bump, play this EP with me below till the 9th and you’ll see why I’m excited for Future Former Rapper .

Do You Take Tokes?

The above video is an interesting mini-documentary on the potential progress dealing with cryptocurrency Tokes (TKS) in the cannabis industry and the financial hurdles/risks currently happening. The currency serves as a form of payment and merchant gateway for tracking and regulatory reporting. From what they’ve shown and how passionate their community is, I think it’s perfect for dispensaries looking to track inventory, employees, sales and accept crypto in one system. I support the legalization and regulation of cannabis in medical and recreational form and feel this is a huge step towards the right path in furthering the positive effects of the plant.

Tokes runs on the Waves platform.