On the border of, I don't know

So on my usual morning browsing on Hypebeast, there was a article on some custom guitar case made for Eric Clapton by French fashion house Hermès. I was like ahh ok that looks cool. But then it hit me, wait that's a dead alligator that they took and made a case for a bullshit guitar Clapton has. Now I am not all crazy when it comes to using leather or things like that. But I guess I found this to be a little wrong. Sure it looks all good, but they just ripped the skin of a animal to put some guitar in it and it costs 100K+. Maybe this is the part where fashion borders on unnecessary use of an animal? Ehh dunno, this was my first reaction towards this. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. Below is a picture of the case.

Is it wrong?

Source: Hypebeast

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