WVM The Echoing

There's something special to me about this video and I think I found what it is... it's a feeling of belonging I think. Perhaps it's WVM's sound which reminds me of the 90's, NIN (Chris Vrenna and Josh Freese are on this track) and Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals or Holy Wood along with the ever-present hacking and underground tech society at that time. It was one of those seeking knowledge times where it shaped part of who I am and why I question things, needless to say it's important to me and it was the boom of computers at that time as well. I really like the sound because it's familiar while still being new. I drifted... So the guys at Shining Dark Productions contacted WVM to create a video for 'The Echoing' and months later (with no creative input by the artist) made a very cool video. It fits the sound extremely well and the framing overall is great, well done guys! You can also listen and buy the EP that this song is featured in below.