Just an animal?

Today one of our family pets died, our cousins to be exact. He was 14 and had gone thru much pain for a long time, but today was the final call for him. I didn't know Chewie for a long time (5 years), but he was still part of the family and will be missed. He was usually in family functions walking around as the kids play around him and kept it moving like nothing's happening. He had to be THE calmest dog I ever met, and was great with the kids. Now our cousins two kids don't have their doggy anymore. We have a dog named Leo (Puggle) and has always been considered to be a part of the family no matter what he rips/chews up. People often make fun of caring soo much for an animal and telling others to stop treating them like if they were kids... but they kind of are. The same way a young child needs you to care for it is the same way a dog feels, it is up to their owner/family to take care of this animal that loves you no matter what. They can't do everything for themselves just like a small child, and need you to be there for them. They show you unconditional love like no other person might, and it never changes as long as you love them.

We can honestly say we wouldn't know what to do if something were to happen to our dog, and don't know how we would react to the news. I always joke around and say Leo is my hairy son because he acts soo much like a little boy, and does things people won't believe me if I say them. There he is every single time we go out waiting for us to come home just to be around us, and show mad love no matter what just because you love him back. You can't buy that love, even some family members need to take lessons from dogs haha! He is just happy being near us sitting, or playing... he sleeps a ton (does it for me), and is always up for play. He is my night video game buddy, my son's play buddy, and my wife's protector.

Nowadays this world has such negativity and hate, that sometimes it's difficult to find such unconditional love. Yes they are animals but to a certain extent... so are we, and have people (and animals!) that love us no matter what. If you don't have a pet it's difficult to understand what we feel for our pets, so I am trying my best to put it into words. Sometimes Leo gets me pissed (Chewing, barking, and always wants a rub) but at the same time, all he wants is to be loved and give love and there is nothing wrong with that. Having a dog is one of the best things in the world, because you won't and can't buy that pure of heart. Love your pets like you love your family, I know they will appreciate it.

Chewie R.I.P.

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