Damn them hands

vzw-blackberry-storm-left So I was playing around with the new Blackberry Storm...It seems like a pretty nice phone. There was some lag on the whole screen orientation changing feature, and some finger motions didn't register (maybe cause I just washed my hands? aka dry) Very nice screen, colors nice and vivid. The whole click down to select is a really attractive one too, but something is off. Not sure what it is, maybe it's my Giant hands!

I swear they don't think about big hands with these new phones nowadays. QWERTY is a must in these days, so most phones with it are small cramped keyboards for midgets (or normal people). Right now I got the Blackjack, yeah I know small too. I definetly need a new phone with a more comfortable way to communicate. I am going to just come out with my own WGMcell, yeah that's the trick. Stay tuned, fellow big hand giants, thy thumb button revolution will come soon!!!!!!

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