Pretty/Ugly in the wild!

_MG_5539 Alot of Daniel Joseph talk today in twitter and blogs, people are definitely feeling the album, and rightfully so! Produced by Akai Pros (Amazing job!), and on the High Water Music label care of Sucio Smash, this is high quality Hip-Hop right here and the fact that it comes from Jersey...all the better! With lyrical skills and production values like these, Hip-Hop sure isn't dead but actually re-emerging as the great art form it is. Straight up life and for music lovers for sure, this CD has those tracks that will have you coming back for more after the first listen. I've had the pleasure of meeting this artist and he is a straight up talented dude that is doing it right, and it shows in his debut CD Pretty/Ugly.

Not once while I listened to this album (3 count so far) did I get the feeling that I'm being sold an image/persona, or being fed hype. Just a great Hip-Hop album with meanings behind every song (Listening session, ya had to be there), and they all tell a story while sounding fantastic. I'd like to go on record and stating that every song on this is dope as heck, but there are those select songs that just make me nod and wow. They aren't songs that you know will just fade away in the sea of music on your iPod. These tracks have long lasting material that is bound to be a favorite of many people!

First one is ESTILLME, my god this beat is siiiiiick and I don't get tired of hearing the song at all. Just him and a dope beat about life, what is Hip-Hop if not that!? Like I said I don't want to discredit Daniel Joseph and Akai Pros by saying only some are good cause they are ALL crazy, but there are some that just give me that dope beat face and feel different about them. Second one is Coffee and Cigarettes, the first time I heard this one in BlackFlag's shop, I lost it haha.  I'm glad I got the chance to listen to Daniel (BFS good looking!), and see what he's about because it shows in his music... a true artist and amazing music. Overall it is an amazing cd, and after you listen to it... you will make sure you don't mess with Jersey Hip-Hop because this is true to the art form in full!

Links to album: iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, BlackFlag Shoppe (Clifton, NJ)

Damn is this Daniel Joseph week or what!? hahaha

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