Stand in line for this!?

DopeBrand That has always been a question in thought, and still to this day I ask myself this. What am I talking about, or about whom? Well it's more of a general problem with streetwear or whatever you want to call it, that has plagued (yes, like a disease) the minds of the mindless. Every year a clothing company does 3 or 4 collections, and some of the biggest in the game get this Pokemon gotta catch em all zombie like drone-age to their no thought tees and ideas... and it's a little sickening. This feverish stand in line for hours for the new new, which isn't soo new hurts the industry in my eyes.

Gone is the heart for design in these company's and all they do now is slap a picture (That's usually not theirs) on a tee with a logo and call it a day. What ever happened to gaining new ground as an artist and at least seem like you're trying to keep a fan of your work? I know what happened... the mindless scenesters that follow things just because they heard Pharrell mention it or something to that degree. Those zombies will stand in line for something that all they did was lower the production count, but at the same time lowered the thought in design yet they think it's the best thing ever. Even worse is the loyalty they give to the brand and follow it blindly, and not thinking twice on dropping 90 on some lame vector clip art type tee on ring spun cotton.

Sorry I like some artistic thought put into what I buy, or at least fake it and make it seem like you took time out and designed it. I am all for parodies or play with words/logos, but at a certain point it can't be all you do... them all you're doing is riding someone elses coat-tail to benefit yourself. Put some thought into it, I'll buy that for a few if it at least seems you had a thought of your own.

Giant out!