No need to rehearse... just be

As of late I have noticed a few videos (Only 2 in this post) that have really made me rethink visually on how to capture a more raw REAL feel to them. They all also have something in common... natural flow or non-scripted scenes if you will. The imagery captured is fantastic, raw, and full of real feeling from the subject and surroundings. To convey true emotion in video and use what you naturally have around you to make it happen is what I'm talking about. It has also influenced me to at least with my next project (personal or professional) to lean more towards this style, as I think I have fallen in love with it! The first example I'd like to show is an excerpt from Maxwell's 5 Days of Night, which I believe has beautiful use of darks and light, also great bokeh. Something as under appreciated as snow falling, or traffic can become soo beautiful and powerful is truly amazing. I have this video (18:33), and it's worth the watch if you bought the iTunes album of BLACKsummers'night which is a great album as well. Hope you can see what I feel/am writing about when you see the video below.


Another video is Blakroc: Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones which I got from my buddy JRMoreau, which showcases fantastic natural hand movements and zooms. This video being in color also gives it a bit of a vibrancy to it. Also lets you know a steady hand isn't always great, let it move if needed. Just another example of the natural, more human touch that makes you feel like your there and not watching a DVD or TV. The use of multiple panels being shown at the same time is a nice touch as well, and lends itself well to the video.



Hope you all enjoyed the videos, and understand my jibberish craziness. Also look out for some video from WGM... might get interesting real soon!!

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