Music made them do it? Hmm...

Priest Ok so obviously music is a VERY powerful tool and can be influential to some, but up to the point of making you do something? Hmm... That I'm going to have to give a big fat NO to. Maybe because I'm not one of those people who take a songs lyric too literal, or just not a depressed angst ridden teenager hating the world. Unfortunately music has been blamed and burned because a few knuckle heads took lyrics too serious, my guess is this tactic used is just another way to find a scapegoat for society's issues. I listen to anything and everything that sounds good to me no matter what genre and never have taken lyrics serious to the point where it can be blamed for my actions. Yes music can alter your being, but as a music listener it's up to you to tell yourself 'this isn't real' and not go hold up a Falafel cart at gun point. Most music portrays an image, and you need to see it as just that... an image. I am heavily into Hip-Hop, but at the same time listen to Metal also punk and love its sound. Most people usually say "Oh you don't look like you like that stuff"... what am I supposed to look or act like? Am I supposed to be a raging ball of hate because I like Marilyn Manson, or Black Flag? The first time I listened to Antichrist Superstar (M. Manson) I thought it was the best thing ever, it made want to branch out to different genres of music and I did. Now this same artist got blamed some for the shooting at Columbine because of his lyrical content. I think it has something to do with the kids upbringing as well, if he feels misunderstood or hated... it will just trigger something that was there already. So essentially I think it has to do with how strong the mind is of a person and how their parents raised them. I Just don't think that music should be blamed for it, that's a chump move right there. So raise your kids right, and make sure they aren't one of those weak-minded drones out there torching the is NOT music's fault.

Music is art, not a weapon to be used negatively.

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