There is the good still

So today I was trekking it to the bus (3 suburb blocks), to go to the ol' slave hole. One block in lives this nice old lady that everyone knows. She's one of the "Oh hi there young man, have a blessed day" old school peeps. Very nice and has this awesome huge pitbull (Prince). So she saw me walking and goes, Gud Mornin there!! Need a ride? I'm going ya way. Knowing her for some time, I said sure. So I get in the car and shes giving rides to two other people, just because she was going that way (that's really damn nice). Then she goes on to mention that a car almost rammed into her house last night, but just broke the fence and a small brick wall she has there.  She had absolutely no worries at all about that, and said calmly that its great Prince wasn't there.

Nice to know that these people are still out there, and give a helping hand. She was one of the first peope to talk to me on my walking to the bus on the first year. She is definetly one of those neighborhood people gems that are hard to find now. I am going to check up on her to see if she needs any help with the mess, only right.

There is the good, still walking.

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