Info Red Kaleidoscope Viktumized!

infored_kaleidoscope Homie Grafwurks has been showing me some dope ass Hip-Hop from Texas! This is Info Red 's Kaleidoscope remixed by Rob Viktum and it's FREE! Came out a while ago but good music is good music no matter when it came out! Also Viktum did a dope job on this album, it sounds crazy throughout. My joints are: Who I am They Wanna Know, Off the Pages, and 5 Star Generals. So click the DL link and see what all the Texas Hip-Hop is all about! Track listing after the link.



1. Who Am I 2. What I’m Writing For 3. Attention Please 4. State of the Art 5. On The Move 6. I Can’t Lose 7. They Wanna Know 8. Something To Say 9. The Ghetto 10. Trigger Went Boom 11. All For You 12. Off The Pages 13. Kaleidoscope 14. 5 Star Generals
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