R.I.P. Luis El Terror Dias

And another one goes this year. Man 2009 hasn't been too kind on people this year. This time it was Luis El Terror Dias, he was a well known Dominican artist and composer. Known for being called the father of Dominican Rock, he fused many different genres of music and meshed them in with the sounds of the typical Dominican sound (Mangulina, Bachata, Merengue). He worked with them all in the industry, from David Byrne to Juan Luis Guerra.

I remember taking guitar lessons in the early 2000's in Washington Heights with him and not knowing it was him! It was at a record shop 4 blocks from my house (173rd and Broadway), they had a sign up saying they give lessons. I walked in with my lil electric guitar (Black and silver Epiphone forget the model) looking for some knowledge. He introduced himself to me and I was like umm ok so they call you Terror big whoop, he was sure good on the guitar tho. Took like 3 lessons and called it quits because it was 35 a lesson (hangout status then) and rather spend it on something else.

Only after I took those lessons I found out who was teaching me, obviously I was blown away by his skill but just thought he was just another great guitar player and no deal that got old. Too bad I noticed it a little too late and never went back because the natural flow of life took me elsewhere. He was a cool person from what I interacted with him, and appreciated what he showed me. Even drew out the chords for me on a blue paper which I wish I still had. You were the one who bought rock and meshed genres to another group of people in Dominican Republic and for that you are one of the musical greats... may you rest in peace hermano.

"Aprovechen el tiempo al máximo. que estudien, que el objetivo es la alegría y la libertad." - Luis El Terror Dias

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