Jabee + Info-Red: Meditation (Remix by DJ Chips)

Here we got a Remix to Jabee's Meditation track featuring Info-Red and produced by DJ Chips! This track is well put together and Jabee along with Info-Red and DJ Chips bring it to that gleaming finished polish that Jabee fans are used to and never falters from. Also on cover design is none other than your beloved WGM! Mark another one for Jabee and his camp, and stay tuned for more! To download the track click the cover art, or below... where it says DOWNLOAD.

Release notes: Oklahoma native, Jabee and Dallas' finest, Info-Red have teamed up with the help from DJ Chips to create "Meditation [remix]" - with the smooth flow from Jabee & the sharp lyrical genius from Info-Red, it only made sense that they team up and create this remix track.

Artwork by: WGM


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