The Plexiglass Fountain: Left Of The Scenery review

This isn't your regular album, so I am not going to review it as such. Keep up... because the vision is here, no denying it. The whole thing is visual. If I sound crazy... lets just say I never said I wasn't.

Anti-Matter... Walking around concrete streets holding your head. Inner battles with the mind, colors reaching places no one thought possible. You forward, people backwards.

Rational Geographic... Dark lit hallways, fences being jumped, vandalism at its highest high. Faces covered yet styles conquered for all to see. Snatching items forgiving your disregard, yet moving at full force.

Chase the Wind... Broken mirrors looking back at you, Enter the Dragon, swatting clouds of smoke out the way finding the end. Mystical yet real, the perfect blend.

Time featuring Ella... Falling down, slow blinking movements trying to grasp reality. Cold chills whirling around, reflective floors and all white.

Buggin Out Part 3... Mosaic floor, wooden tables, almost finished Vodka. Evil grin while blinking at the enemy, as he gives an innocent smile of approval. Black matted steel hidden under the cloth ready for the snap.

Mine... School Yard Criminals, Inwood, 191, Fel, Adrian on the blackbook. Close the door see the saint in the corner with the offering. The smell of Prismacolor markers, and freshly scratched rock. 1 train riding it to the last and first stop, looking at the outside from inside when outside. (Personal Memory)

Rainbow in my Tearz... Car ride to nowhere, lights speeding past the corner of your eyes. Ducking down... to see better. Running into an old friend at the red, speeding as it goes green. Nah you don't care because time just slowed down for you.

What you wanna do?... At the house party and out the window to the street. People on the Honda, blue eyes gone bad. Shirt button popped off about to get ripped off under the yellow gleam of the iron watcher of the streets.

Carbon-14... Foot stomp, tooth out, concrete carries him as pain takes over. Red fire stopper joined with the face, became conjoined. Show your I.D. to get in and don't be late, blue and mustard hoody. (Personal Memory)

The Sponsorz... Hands waving, lyrics from the mouth slapping ears. Bright lights, laughter, pounds given as the room spins yet no one dizzy. In the corner taking it all in, head bobbin... it's music.

What I'm After is............... Hands tossed up, hugs given. 3 windows closed but one still breathes. Sofa slouched, wood broken still comfortable. Pioneer system boomin it, bar in the room but no cover.

True... Wednesday day off, to the cashier. Bodega to get a drink, call her from the booth. Gates on the outside peepers so you can't escape. Green hood...

Still Life... Doors close as they open, brown handles keeping rank. Off white towering over, linoleum slip curling, one rip on 56th.

Caged beauty... Hair flowing left, slight smile but don't show much.  Taunts but you know the deal, higher plane of thought. Bittersweet, but true.

Neighborhood Sketch Artist... A train running for 5. Heckled and laughed at pointed, no use trying. Charcoal hits the floor, stop mentioned. (Personal Memory)

Another Candle... Headphones at 10, staring at 4x4x4x4. Cap twisted, yellow beams and small metal. Left early, clearing dome for more.

Love/War... Grass wet, shoes dripping, overcast casting. Cold stone welcoming who, and making life cry. Green paint chippin off the corner, door opens *cling*

If you survived after all the visions and words I just layed down 1. Thank you, 2. This is a dope ass album, 3. Tokyo Cigar and Cyclops did an amazing job with this release, 4. Go grab yourself a copy below.

These guys did it up for sure, they got a pay what you want system going as well. Show your support however you can!


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