1'ner week'er 1

Alright so I have this idea of listening to one album next week as long as the music being played is under my control. No I don't mean 1 new album weekly added onto my GB's o stuff... but JUST 1 album being played over and over again for a week straight every time I am personally hearing music. Sounds easy but I think it might drive me nuts since I love variety in music (I Don't use playlists just shuffle mostly) and always like listening to new music. I am going to start these 1'er week'ers on Mondays also posting information about the artist + album, and "report" what I think about the album the 7 days of the week. Why? Just because I feel like it really, also want to see what musical limitations can do and f they can have any effect on the person listening to it. Outline of this fantastical "study":

  • 1 album for a week chosen by me, or public suggestion (leave a comment/tweet with your choice).
  • No other music will be played if it can be controlled. I can't control it if I happen to visit family or something to that effect, so you get the idea.
  • 1 post a day dedicated to the experiment for all of the seven days I am listening to said album.
  • Will not shuffle the album, and keep it in the order it normally plays.
  • Post a summary of the week on Sunday.

If you are an artists submitting an album or track for review or post, do so like normal. I will be starting this on Monday and will not be posting reviews until next week if anything. This is only for the week coming up (Dec. 28), it will happen again but not week after week.

The album for the week of Dec. 28 is from Silvio Rodriguez titled Al Fin De Este Viaje released in 1978. This is a fantastic album if your into lyrics about life's journeys and love, truly a gem... Let's see if I think so after a week! See below for cover art and links.


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