Day 1 1'ner week'er

Well today was the first day of the 1'ner week'er for the Silvio Rodriguez album Al Fin De Este Viaje. Didn't get a chance to hear it during the daytime as I was out with my family. As I listen to it now I still get the soothing feeling of the beautiful triumph of the ordinary person. It's just him and his guitar spreading the word of love, feeling, and history... I love this album. This album might not be too harsh on me for a whole week, lets see after some days. I don't really get any emotion other than to just sit and enjoy it all, instead of dissecting it and taking it apart. Definitely get the cool tropical breeze feeling, and would love to listen to this at night outside under the stars with my dad (He appreciates stuff like this) and a few beers. Such simple yet powerful words used, never makes you feel like he's trying too hard to get his point across. It's about life... and just that. Sure life is filled with many sides, but in its pure essence it's life that he talks about. I can't say whats my favorite track, because I am loving all of them really.

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