Day 3 1'ner week'er

Ahhh yeah... the 3rd day 1'ner week'er post on the 4th day (At least it's early 4th!) and all is well with the album. Actually today it helped out ALOT as I had to go back to work and well... work! I must have listened to the album like 20-25 times today and not once did I feel like skipping a track, I actually went back and repeated some songs! On my way to work I fell asleep as usual, but enjoyed every bit of it. The majority of the time I was listening to the voice pitch and guitars' rhythm not the words, and it truly gives you an uplifting feeling full of hope... That's not even taking into account his lyrics! I am not going to go into detail about where and who Silvio Rodriguez is, this whole study is to take the natural response I get from the album and see what it does when on repeat. I liked the album to begin with, but it has actually gone to the favorite album status! Lyrics are important, but what catches my ear first is the beat/harmony/rhythm of a song. Having said that; I think I am going to spend one more day just listening to the flow of the album, then move on to the lyrics of it all.

... And loving it!

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