Day 4, 5 and 6 1'er week'er (Oh boy!)

First I'd like to say Happy Tujio to all, and wish the best to everyone and may this new year be full of happiness. Don't go on a diet, that word is a marketing scheme! Just eat better hehe. Vamos a lo que vinimos (explain later)

Boy was this the wrong week for the study! There was soo much to do and see and talk about that there was NO time for me to sit and do the study. Instead it was filled with great times with family and friends! It was great, and caught up with some family which is always great. Also the rule of not listening to something else if under my control was broken... Blame La Mega 97.9 and the great song Mi Libertad by Frankie Ruiz.

Went to go pick up some Sancocho from Momma Giants moms house, and I started singing along. After 2 min I realized I totally forgot about the study, and laughed. Since the rule was bent... I don't see a reason to keep up with this week's pick. I will however make a post summarizing what I learned and listened to! With song counts being in the 30's I think I have a good idea as far as sound is concerned.

Now for my non-spanish speaking readers the saying "Vamos a lo que vinimos" means lets get to what we came here for. Who said you don't learn something on blogs!? Also having said that, there will be more Latin subjects being brought up in WGM since well... I am a Latino. I feel like I've deviated a little too much from my culture on my posts. Can't forget mi gente!

Giant out!

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