Luisito Marti: El Genio De La Risa

Another great Dominican artist has died today, Luisito Marti a famous comedian well known for his character Balbuena as well as others. We lost another great soul to cancer that made us laugh and cry, and he will be missed dearly. I remember seeing his jokes and characters ever since I was a young giant, and always laughed with him and saw where he came from. He even got the chance to make a few movies about a Dominican coming to New York (Nueba Yol) which I enjoyed the first very much. His stand-up was also funny and always delivered a laugh, was even in his own presentation in a Dominican award show called the Casandra. We worry, cry, and fear soo much yet the ones that make us laugh and forget all the bad are taken away from us...

I leave you with a clip from his Nueba Yol movie. Rest in peace Luisito Marti and may your name always be brought up with laughter and the good memories you left us with.


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