Onward to light

As of late I have been reassessing my role in life, and trying to keep climbing for the happiness we all seek everyday of our lives. Having a family I am also not alone, and loving them as much as I do I want to be in tiptop mental state for them. There has been mucho back and forth within my 10% using jiggly thing, and wow what an adventure it's been. Tired of the ratrace and robot drone money chasing crowd I finally am starting to realize what I DON'T want in life. We always try to find out what we want in life, and fail to realize what we don't.

Everyday we walk run around not noticing the small simple things in life that make us happy and always fixated in the "Big Picture" we lose track of it all. Everyone lately is money this and money that (economy and whatnot), then when you have money it doesn't do nothing for your soul. Wouldn't you rather have time with your family and friends than always working to "make that paper" and rest alone at the top of your throne because you have no time for anything? I have always preferred my sanity over the green stuff, and now it's more important to me than ever. Leave me with 10 dollars in my pocket to spend on my family than 3000 and alone with nothing to show for it.

...Just a thought.

Don't let the grind... grind you and leave nothing left.

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