Youngs - Once Upon A Time EP

Ok this dropped in my inbox a good days ago, and I finally got to download it and take a listen. Youngs (Rarebreed Extended Family Music Collective) EP is dope, short and sweet at 6 tracks and great example of hip-hop story-telling. It has a great change of beat and pace for me personally, more soul and funky than your run of the mill cookie cutter hip-hop... it was great. My joint is On The Run *Back For More*, but all the tracks are highly enjoyable. Youngs a.k.a Landon Wordswell another dope artist to look out for!!!

"Sunriiiise... sunset"

Track Listing:
1. Bang!
2. Black Daniels
3. Dusk Til Dawn
4. Easy Wednesday
5. Him & Her
6. On The Run *Bonus* Back For More (Serena)
Production by: Soultree


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