Brokn.Englsh - The Drawing Board

 Here I am posting something all late that had to be here a looooong time ago. It's the trio of Giants in NJ that go by Brokn.Englsh, reppin Jersey right as usual. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's amazing the amount of great artists that are coming out of New Jersey. This is good Hip-Hop, not any of that rap that somehow keeps selling itself to the unaware. Looking forward to more music from Brokn.Englsh, cause they tear it up! It's groups like these that also add something to the culture of Hip-Hop and not some kind of cash-in. Produced by another NJ monster DefDom of the AkaiPros, it's nothing but high quality goodness. If you thought Hip-Hop trios don't work no more... guess again Brokn.Englsh is here.


TRACKLIST: 1. Intro 2. I Will f/ Pardon The Stranger 3. Ya Dig f/ 8thW1 4. The Joy Of Beat Making 5. No Words 6. Dust 7. The Prince Debacle 8. Stat Quo 9. The Last Straw 10. Cherry Popper 11. Make It Alright 12. Make Some Noise 13. Yes I Am f/ Daniel Joseph 14. Shut Shit Down f/ Rewmec

By the way whoever did that cover... props to ya homie, It looks fantastic.