Damn Joell Ortiz brings it back

So I finally listened to the J-Love Who's nice? Bootleg, with Joell Ortiz (New to me). This dude is on some back in the day hip-hop. Reminds me of high school, chilling and all that good stuff. There is this one song, 125 Pt 4 The Finale...wow. Joell speaks from the heart and it shows, and is dope as hell at the same time. This guy is on some mixtapes and two albums so far, someone give him a light!! He reminds me of all the good and bad of back in the day. Getting in trouble, and dealing with shit. The beats on this album are def on point too.

My fav part out of 125 Pt 4 The Finale:

Don't wanna be the dude in the barbershop that coulda made it (nah) And decipher when young boys spittin' shit that's outdated And 'em niggas walkin' away like homie was overrated (damn) Life ain't a bitch Life is life and I hate it Never tried suicide, I ain't got the heart to pull it Know your brain feel pain when it stained by that bullet (whoa) I don't wanna live Yet I don't wanna die

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