Hey you know David? No, The Original David

I've had the pleasure of talking to the head of The Original David, and am a fan of what they are doing. Few are the times that a clothing company comes out with something original, and relates to the consumer. Enter The Original David, a brand that strives on intelligent design, and quality. todavid1

Their idea of "In every language there's a David.", applies to us all in a way. David was that kid in class, he was cool and could draw Transformers. Whether he was African, Asian, Latino, British, but always David. They interpret culture in their own sarcastic way, and also go for designs that just make you think. With everything being done by hand, it is a true show of love for it.

Each piece is cut and sewn, no machines at work here just good ol people. They all have their stories to share, and people are eating it up. From recent works with Q-Tip, and The Cool Kids, The Original David is no joke. There is still good taste out there. Too many brands out now are all diamond and swaggered out, tired. The Original David gives hope for all people starving for something fresh, new, and looks dope.

Consider me a David.

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