WGM walkin... Maldonado Mural

Welcome to the first feature of WGM walkin... This new feature on WGM is going be about us venturing out and covering street art giving it a bit more of a positive touch than you would find in the news... if any. We will try to always provide video to go along with the words and photos that will be posted on said art. Hope you enjoy and here we goooo!

This feature walk will be about the 92ft. Sofia Maldonado painted mural (Commissioned by the Time Square Alliance) that is in NYC's busy 42nd street, btwn 7th and 8th Ave. This mural has caused some controversy among certain folks because of how it portrays black and Latino women. They ask that instead of women in provocative clothing, cliche long nails, and stereotypical outfits... why not in business suits and briefcases? The artist goes on to defend the piece saying "I wanted to portray the untold story," and I couldn't agree more. Just because this is not the 'norm' in midtown NYC it doesn't mean it can't be appreciated or shown. Most business minded folks always want to paint the "correct" or "nice" picture of society, why not show something that is closer to real life than business suits and briefcases?

Art is art, and should never be censored no matter what subject matter or concerns it brings. If that's going to be the case, count me out of this bland politically correct artless universe you want to live in. What do you think? See below for photos of the piece.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suCOxBaFfck&w=500] MUSIC: St Joe Louis - Good morning

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