Diamond's 15 minutes are up right? Swagger has some to do, but not when you looks like a lil girl bedazzled your chain/earring/wrist. Ok I might sound like some kinda hater, but it just looks dumb now. Looking like shiny metallic laced clowns in a jungle gym running around, Hip-Hop has lost its luster (see what I did there?) with this crap. "Diamond's are a girl's best friend", Carol Channings said it well. I think swag is def alive if you don't rely on a gimmick like that. Funny thing is that most don't even own that in the industry (rented for vidoes, and loans). Yeah I know, it's like I'm balling check me shine...I get that. Too much of anything is a bad idea. It's no longer shining, it's tacky. I will leave you all with enlightening words from Fabolous, then let me know what you think.

"Diamonds In My Damn Chain! Diamonds In My Damn Chain! I'm like ooh daddy, I see you do the damn thang' Got my vote, I'm feelin' ya campaign I like you but, I really like your damn chain!"

Style is swag, not diamonds and a rag.


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