Yemayá, and the Babalorishas

Ok so since I have interest in anything religion, today's post is about Santeria and certain questions that I have about it. Just in case you don't know who Yemayá is, she is the mother of all living things according to Cuba/Haiti Santeria practices. Since this religion has parts of Christian culture, I've been interested in it for years. So the thought I have, Since the Babalorishas (or Santeros) are a being of some power and divinity why are they usually in slum conditions (Movie's, pictures, personal experience)? Is it a part of humbling themselves or staying within the people that need them? Let's say I was new to this and going in for a particular talk/treatment/spell, how would I be able to fully trust them with them living in a real shady place and they are the one's helping me out? Maybe I am looking too much into the visual aspect of where they should live, because of the trust that goes into them.

I am nobody to say that where they live is wrong, from what I've seen it's places where I might not feel comfortable handing them my wishes and or life. It's just something I have questioned for abit. Wondering if anyone might have the answer to this...

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