Back to the Giants

Alright everybody sit down, the State of the Giants will begin now. So things are going to be shifting into high gear soon over here. Wanted to let everybody know that more interviews, music, videos, exclusives, and dare I say it... merchandise (I know FINALLY) is in the near future for your favorite Giants. WGM has only been out for a few and it has already garnered attention from a good deal of folks and for that we are VERY thankful. We will also be growing as team this year as well so claps for that! We've been blessed to have featured soo many talented artists and have them share their art and music here with us. You might even see some collabos coming up with a certain few already featured here, so keep an eye out for that as well. We couldn't have done it without any of you, and will always be humbled by your words and praise towards WGM. Video will also be playing a larger part on the site and some guest writers as well. This year will get crazy (good) for us, so stay near and stay clear... for the true Giants shall inherit the Earth.

Peace and hair grease.

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