Green Midgets

Ever have that chorus from a song in your head, and don't know the bands name or title of the song? It happens to me all the time, but the worst one ever happened in 1996 and yes I actually remember it because it was THAT bad. I was in Dominican Republic at a lounge playing pool with my cousin and heard this Spanish rock song that made me stop and listen to the awesomeness... I was mesmerized haha. I never asked for their name or title for some reason and for 4 years I'd have it pop in my head often so it obviously drove me nuts not knowing who it was. At that time I barely knew anything about spanish rock, so it made the tracking down more difficult.

Music tracks came and went (mostly Hip-Hop), and there I was with some random Spanish rock song still stuck in my head. So one day in 2000 it just popped up on the radio, I believe it was La Mega 97.9 of all places. AHHH there's that song again!!! I got on the computer like a true Detective Dork and found the playlist of that radio program. Ahhh... Los Enanitos Verdes - Lamento Boliviano. Best believe I was playing it non stop when I got it (Audio Galaxy FTW) as if it was released that day.

Now if I could only find my Maná - Sueños Liquidos CD...

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