Took me back abit

smoke01650Queen HeleneSo I just had a conversation with a co-worker about gel and whatnot... then the memory bank got going. Anyone remember Queen Helene's Gel? hahaha yes I know, waaaaay back. Use to be able to even get that at the Tobacco shop on 175th and Broadway. Sounds kinda nasty doesn't it? Getting hair gel at a place where you know they sold weed, porno mags, and loosies aplenty!

I remember those days, getting ready for some party in somebody's cousins house (which usually had some old relative trying to dance with the young chicken heads). Rushing out before I took a shower, and forgot to buy actual good gel. This is where the Tobacco shop came in nicely across the block (don't judge me! haha). After the sticky gel wash (that shit made your hands pass for fly paper easy) Then putting on my...EASTLAND's.


Man the Tommy Hilfiger,  Eastland boots style wasn't too good now that I think bout it!

Ahhh memoriiiiiies!

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