Elite Assembly: Welcome To The Playoffs

New Jersey's Hip-Hop Super Friends Elite Assembly released a hard hitting, Hip-Hop in true form tape today called Welcome To The Playoffs. The 12 man Army goes in with a insane 20 track tape that will knock a lot of emcees off their lyrical high-horse. They got everything here from stomping the competition, to a touring anthem PokErFace, and even the Charles Barkley Role Model commercial. Fantastic sports audio bites on the mixtape by Deal the Villain make this a top notch job all around. Beats from Kid Cudi's Pokerface, Raekwon's House of Flying Daggers, Jay Elec's Exhibit C (Tomme Chase KILLED it) are used... but the tape really shines with the original heat from Deal The Villain and DJ Priority.

Reminiscent of the perfect emcees combination like the Wu, Elite Assembly carries the name well. It's crazy how this tape flows in it's entirety and lyrically they are all pretty much on their A-Game. Known favorites of WGM are in this, and more emcees that everyone should know. EA consists of St. Joe Louis, Daniel Joseph, Brokn Englsh, Deal the Villain, Khi Kobane, Rew Mec, Mic Wilson, and Premium the Delegate. Favorites: No.7, I Understand, Exhibit T, The Wimbly, I Need A Freestyle, Dumme, Ciophilus Beastin. This is a MUST download, don't wanna hear it... just get it.

Peace to DTV the king of Meh.


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