The 1 Hundo for 4/20-o

So I haven't really been a The Hundreds fan, and actually frowned upon the Adam logo (Looked like a bomb I did yrs ago haha) for a good while. Even said before that they are cashing in on the HB and HSnobiety (whomp whomp) crowd. Now that I have looked into the actual company more and read their blog here and there, I can appreciate what they do a lot more now. Also seeing that not everything has Adam on it, I now am turning over a new leaf and speaking of leaves... The Hundreds are releasing a special 4/20 Green Adam design hat and tee today. I would definitely rock that Hemp hat, and the tee is black and green... sold. It was bound to happen, my first The Hundreds post about Adam and of all days 4/20 haha!

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