Sweeno's and Timbo's

It is damn freezing outside right now in NYC Wow!!! NJ wasn't fun as well, freezing winds, combined with ice on the floor...yeah fun. Made me break out the Timbo's. Anyway let's get off to the real reason why I'm posting right now. swt-jphd

Sweeney Todd! Yeah I know, old news. There is something about this movie/play that keeps getting my attention no matter what I'm doing. The movie by Burton is a crazy visual monster in my opinion. The costumes are on point and the whole look of the town is amazing. Ok, ok the songs are catchy too (Jooooohhhaaaaannna), and they definetly stay in your head.

The acting is pretty damn nice too, I'm no film snob but I thought it was great. I think I've seen this movie like 7 or 8 times since the movie theater showing. Yes the DVD is at home now too. I started trying to find some clips of the play this weekend, and found some youtube playlist (will post later) with 27 vids of the whole play. Found that Angela Lansbury played Mrs. Lovett pretty good too. Altho I perfer Burton's barber more so than the play ones (He just looks poor and lacking sleep), they are played pretty well.

The gore has such a stylized look, it seems almost anime-ish with blood gushing everywhere but still effective. From 1847 to 2007, it has quite a history of actor portrails and stories that lead up to who Depp ended being. Also think he created his own take obviously as he fully involves himself in character. Shit is dope!!! If you haven't seen it, see it.

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