the1shanti’s Rawkus

Since we talking about India already we got a lil special treat for ya. This album was one of Rawkus 50 campaign's last projects and we giving it out today for the people! the1shanti aka India Bambaataa (knighted by Afrika Bambaataa himself) had this released Nov. 2007 and it is some good Hip-Hop for sure. Enlisting the dope talent of 5G Productions, Nibu, and Resk1 this album is a great showcase of Hip-Hop talent and has great lyrics accompanied by great production. As of a year ago all the Rawkus releases have been taken off of iTunes, so you can't really get this anywhere else. DL and see why Afrika Bambaataa honored the1shanti with the title India Bambaataa and embraced him as Southern Asia's voice of Hip-Hop.

My joints are Fuck you shit, Do Your Thing, It's That Time, and Nothing. Representing from Calcutta to Brooklyn... I give you the1shanti self titled album.

See what the1shanti told WGM about this project:

"In the end, we all love to make music and all we had hoped was that people would get to hear the music. Ultimately, this was the experience which helped me decide to never rely upon another label other than mine again."


Also peep the video to the single Nothing of this album:


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