India... what an experience

So last week I took a trip to India (You heard correct) and got to experience the true wonder of culture, great food, and a beautiful people. When folks heard I was going all I heard was "Why!?" "WTF" or "HUH...India??," but everyone needs to go there. I was and am truly amazed at how life is there, and also how things are dealt with. I learned a good deal on India and Hinduism from one of the best tour guides I've ever seen Mr. Arvind Chadha from "SmarTouuuurs." There aren't enough paragraphs that I can write to express what I saw and experienced, and I don't know if anyone would read a 3000 paragraph post with a bunch of pictures (56k bewaaare)... ha! I did however bring back a beautiful experience and more appreciation for Hinduism, I also took a good amount of pictures and hopefully you will get a good idea of what I saw. India is a heavy populated, poverty in your face, and polluted country (At least from what I saw and was told) but the people are amazing and is one of the main things I will remember. Seeing the culture and participating in it also gives you a better understanding to things we view as weird/odd/wrong here in the U.S. Priorities are different, people are different, and the food was EXCELLENT no matter where I went! I will be writing about certain things I experienced here and there so I won't tire your eyes with one post. Check out my first few images below and obviously keep visiting us here at WGM for new pics and write-ups about the India trip.

By the way... it was hot as HELL there, normal temps during that week were around 105-110F!

There will be more pictures, just didn't want to drown the post with em!