Cosmo Baker @ Hot It Up, BK

WGM had the honor of meeting the DJ's DJ himself Cosmo Baker (The Rub, Sheen Bros) last Friday (5/21) at Littlefield in the big BK after Cumba Mela's (Coming to WGM soon!) and Richard Vindaloo's (dude is a MAJOR Trip) set. He got to play a dope set and had me nodding like a maniac as we snapped shots. The venue was dark as hell, but the music was not a issue as he played some of that good stuff and always dope Gang Starr (Guru R.I.P.) was included. I will definitely be hitting up upcoming shows, he also showed the Giants mad love and it was all good. Peep the pictures below and check him out in his next show May 28 along with Rich Medina in BK... flyer below. Cosmo let us know!