Eighties Babies - Sonic Music review

Ahhh yes some good ol boom-bap in this album coming from the Chi and well worth the price for purchase. With a soulful approach and socially conscious lyrics 80's Babies bring forth what I like to call 'Feel Good Hip-Hop'  having some fun with it and it's looking like a new favorite around here. Produced by Tall Black Guy, and emcee Dee Jackson on it, this whole album has a constant nod factor going for it. They both did a great job on it and you can definitely hear the work that was put in this album. With appearances by Chaka B, Crooked I, Knoc Turn'al, Pathfinders, Kazi the Blak, Allegra Dolores, IE, Jelify, Midflex, Sorce, Famsquadilliana, Savy, Iris, Yng Sin, 1773... this album is jam-packed with good Hip-Hop. Sonic Music sounds soo familiar yet is new, and as a music fan lets you appreciate Hip-Hop without the flash of all these other "rappers" out now.

Favorites: Can't You See, Technology, Wait A Minute, I Wanna Talk To You, C.O.B, The Groove, Fighting Demons.

You forgot how good Hip-Hop makes you feel? Download the single "I wanna talk to you" for free then buy this album today! Also check the official video for ' I wanna talk to you' below!

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