I have noticed that in the Hip-Hop industry (mainly the big artists) there isn't this sense of community when it comes to the music, as if it was each for him/herself and has lost the value of what Hip-Hop is part of which I think is community... at least in my opinion. I've seen it in upcoming artists here in NJ and it's great to see them take part in how Hip-Hop started, a bunch of emcees rhyming together and having fun. I guess it's true in which what turns into work is no longer fun after a while, but that shouldn't be the case about something that was founded on having fun. I know that part of the music is the image but it just seems like it's consuming our music and not adding anything to the culture. Yes we know how many cars you have or how many bottles you can buy, but how many minds have you enlightened or when was the last time you made someone fall in love with Hip-Hop?

Yeah I thought so.

The artists that are making a change can be found but by their fans and someone can't just stumble upon it. Our music has become this cash-spewing machine and the one's in charge forgot (on purpose) that it's about the people and keep trying to change an artists image and mold them into a soulless big chain swinging yelling clown forgetting the art of Hip-Hop. Take for example the Jersey artists I've had the honor of hearing and some knowing, they have great music and talent but usually just play it for us (NJ) making it that others might not see what we see and it's all about support. Rhymageddon mentioned to WGM this week about NJ artists not just performing for us and supporting other artists in general and different parts of the culture and he is totally right. Too many are concerned with just their music and not the culture anymore, If you don't have that what music will you have?