WGM Emcee Timeline: Lloyal Pt.1

Welcome to a new feature in WGM where we follow an emcee's career from their beginnings to present day and let you guys hear tracks from their start along with a few notes from the artist themselves and us. This was started so fans can be at a more personal growth level with their artists and also a self reflection tool for the emcee along with thoughts from us and the state of Hip-Hop as a culture. Hear how they started and the growth as an a artist...


Reppin El Barrio, NYC this emcee has just release LLOYALMANIA!!!! (BTW DOPE) and recently got to talking with WGM on his music career. This will be a five part timeline on Lloyal so sit back relax, read, listen and enjoy.

The beginning... Part1: 2006

Tracks: Cheap Bargain, The War Is Over Producer: Vidar Lloyal: "Here's some of the first tracks I tried to really write. This was when (2006) I was working with a producer named Vidar. Vidar (who I called Snoop) was my boy from high school and we were a part of this Hip Hop Poetry club and it brought us closer together. It was there where he found out I was an MC and told me he was a producer, then we formed "Vidar & Lloyal". Unfortunately, we only completed 4 songs before I disbanded."

Cheap bargain [audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/LLOYAL/LYL-CB.mp3]

WGM: Cheap Bargain has that dope beat we usually look for in a hip-hop album, the chill collected soulful audio candy. Lyrics seem to have that 90’s summertime feel and Lloyal proving himself against life and other emcees by rising above. His flow is steady with the beat and work well. The Rhymes skip from one topic to another but at the same time tell a story. We could see Lloyal starting off on the right foot and present promising beginnings.

The War Is Over [audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/LLOYAL/LYL-TWIO.mp3]

WGM: The War Is Over track starts off brushing all emcees off with a stomping heads beat and sound bytes covering the instructional destructive audio. This song has a rawer Hip-Hop feel to it, but feels less threatening than what we thought it should because of Lloyals calm flow. Not a bad start like I said before, but there is room for growing some more as it should be in the beginning.

Proving self… check. Stay tuned for parts 2-5, there will be one daily.