So I been listening to some of Lloyal's tracks for a few days now, and BAM he releases Lloyalmania!!! today. It's been on a 2 year wait now it's finally out and murdering em fast. WGM is new to this emcee and have liked what we've heard soo far, this album just adds to the goodness. Taking after Lloyal Rumble where he won and ending with WrestleMania aka "The Grandaddy of Them All," this album has Lloyal Superfly Snukin on other emcees and coming out on top victorious. The production is polished and definitely feels like a well finished project you can pump this summer out the car or at the crib with the windows up and speakers facing out. I mean some of these beats are...just wow, and Lloyal's flow stays steading killin em so download this craziness now and see wassup! CO-SIGN.

Personal Favorites: The Greatest, Halal Stand Murderer 2, Homicide, Have U Seen Her