Ok maybe not so bad after all

Yesterday I found (Boy I been finding alot of shit lately) some album that blends Jay-Z and Radiohead. My first thought was oh boy, here we go with this mix-mash crap. So obviously I didn't fully listen to it yesterday. This morning I heard the whole album, not bad at all. But it's one of those weird things that it sounds better if you listen to it by headphones. Jay's flow goes with the actual beat of Radiohead, which are mostly genius anyways. Who did this? I have no clue. All I know, It was posted in Hypetrak, and I went to a Jaydiohead website and got it. What it boils down to is, two great artists (I'm a fan of both if you haven't noticed) mixed together on a album that doesn't try to hard because it doesn't have to. See below for the download.

My 2 cents.


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