WGM Emcee Timeline: Lloyal Pt.2

Welcome to a new feature in WGM where we follow an emcee's career from their beginnings to present day and let you guys hear tracks from their start along with a few notes from the artist themselves and us. This was started so fans can be at a more personal growth level with their artists and also a self reflection tool for the emcee along with thoughts from us and the state of Hip-Hop as a culture. Hear how they started and the growth as an a artist...


Reppin El Barrio, NYC this emcee has just release LLOYALMANIA!!!! (BTW DOPE) and recently got to talking with WGM on his music career. This will be a five part timeline on Lloyal so sit back relax, read, listen and enjoy.

Children Of The Night Days ... Part 2: 2007

Tracks: Ice Cream Trucks, 16 4_42AM

Lloyal: "In 2007, I was graduating high school and my friend Elizabeth's (the girl who headed the Hip Hop Poetry Club) prom date was this dude from Queens named Versa. Versa, me and two other MC's formed Children Of The Night.

The track  "Ice Cream Trucks" is one of the best (if not the best, imo) song to come out of the COTN clique (with its 4 original members I mean, COTN is now a group still but just 3 of them). This song was the first song to make me feel like a star. There was a whole high school (Frank Sinatra in Queens) that knew my verse front-to-back. They'd scream it to me anytime they seen me, it was really awesome.

The track  16 4_42AM is where I really explain how I became apart of the Children Of The Night and how they ended up as the group they are today. This is important because it wasn't up until I was apart of COTN that I looked at Rap as something that could be bigger than just a hobby."

Ice Cream Trucks [audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/LLOYAL/LYL-ICT.mp3]

WGM: Ahh that Wu beat has always been a good one, but I feel like it would've been better if it had an original beat to it. Having said that the lyrics are cool, not all over the place and collected.  The COTN trio flows good together and they all have their own feel to it where it adds to the song and doesn't take away from the track. The material is there and got that "wassup ma'" sound to it haha... good stuff.

16 4_42AM (Featuring Prophit) [audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/LLOYAL/LYL-164_42AM.mp3]

WGM: This track... is a favorite of ours coming from Lloyal. Rhyming about experiences in life and telling their story is something that we can't get enough of and this is is accompanied with a beautiful crazy melodic beat. What they spit is what you see, I saw the scenes play themselves out as the track plays. Gotta love it, this one will definitely get played many times.

So far within a year Lloyal has grown lyrically and taking it more serious as a career. You also can note in his flow that he has a different mindset towards his lyrics now therefore creating better content. "Often bizarre and unpredictable"... beautiful. Stay on the lookout for parts 3-5 coming up!