Oh Sellin...

Ok so tonight after watching True Blood (yes I watch it) Snoop debuted his "tribute" to Snookie video. It had me scratching my head for well... the entire time. Is this a perfect example of the famed selling-out calling or is it just the Hip-Hop veteran tryin to get his? I honestly don't know where to place it because I don't see Snoop going thru the whole thing if he wasn't approached by HBO to do so, and I just can't hate that he is still being current while getting his cash. The song has a funky beat to it while some of the lyrics he spits out are trully hilarious ("I gots some real eggs for her to eat") and actually make you laugh some. Did Snoop sell-out? Being a fan of both... I'd say it was weird,  nice, odd, funny seeing two things I like from totally different worlds colliding but he did his thing. Who am I to hate on that? Check the video below.


EDIT: I totally forgot to mention the fake blond wigs the back up dancers were sporting in the background haha. This was one of those times where you laughed and cried for music at the same time while somewhat enjoying it all.