Kalil Kash - The Exit Method

How many debut Hip-Hop albums have you listened to where you can tell they are new to this music thing, or just plain ol noobish? I always expect to hear something that just yells out FRESSSSHMAN (High School days) but this album totally proves me wrong I'm happy to say. Kalil has his own vocal style and it is apparent right from the start where you can see this isn't your normal emcee or rapper trying to shine.  Don't get fooled by the Kash part either, this artist isn't talking about diamonds and bitches but what Hip-Hop is about... life, style, love, and experience. Another dope emcee shines in Newark New Jersey, find out why by downloading The Exit Method below.

Favorites: 1985, Payday, Cold Eyes, Bang, 20 Years, November, oh yeah London is my SHITE.

P.S. Bravo job on the cover. [bandcamp album=3285296579 size=venti bgcol=e6e5e5 linkcol=4285BB]