Almost there I'd say

In the United States the general public needs their entertainment to be shiny and flashy, to catch our attention to either watch or care about. In Dominican Republic it's been a different kind of flashy for quite some time, and things are starting to change for the better. I was watching a show today called La Super Revista and it still has that 80's loud color design to it making it look more like La Super Old. The camera still has that slanted angle zooming in and out of their faces with lots of reds, oranges, and cheesy effects to mess with your eyes unintentionally. This show presents artists, interviews, and discussions on what's going on and while I fully enjoyed the info and cheesiness I knew it looked sub-par visually with today's standards. [vimeo= w=500] Yes that's it.

It was one of those things where I actually looked for the cheesiness to say "YES, love it!" and then move along with the show. Sure it made me laugh a few but if someone else looks at this not understanding where it's coming from they will stare in amazement that something can look like this in 2010. So being that I care for my people I naturally care what they put out as artists musically and visually. As far as music is concerned the videos have recently gotten A LOT better, and the way they borrow western fads (clothing, videos,  and attitude) in their musical styles is more apparent now even when they have their own style. The Hip-Hop artists are into clubbish beats and showing their "bling" and Ed Hardy (yikes...)sometimes along with their cool new cars and vixens... hope that passes quick.

Wanna see what current Dominican Hip-Hop videos look like?

[youtube=] This Sapo song is catchy as hell and I'm not gonna lie... I love it.

[youtube=] [youtube=] I'm new to Vakero but he seems to have a good grip on what he's doing and I'm digging where he's coming from.

So as you can see the music videos don't look all cheesy and have eye splitting aftereffects on them... I think at least. Yes there isn't as many diamonds and girls and cars whizzing by, and you see much more comedy (we're jokesters ya see) in Hip-Hop than your used to here but the main thing is that visually it's more appealing than it used to be. On the issue of this La Super Revista show... well not sure what to say about that besides that they need a new visual designer there. They are moving in a better direction just wish it wasn't as slow, but I do know that there is tons of talent in DR right now. Shouts out to Bombon Productions and Mario Frias for bringing a fresh new outlook in Dominican Hip-Hop videos.

Let's do this!