Mexican Institute of Sound - Alocatel

Culture and music is what makes us a people, it helps us communicate and enjoy our time by telling auditory stories to remember or think maybe just dance to. We appreciate it when there's an artist or band that takes it's talent and crafts a new sound altogether then bringing something fresh to the table. Mexican Institute of Sound is Camilo Lara's (EMI Mexico General Manager and HUGE vinyl head) creation and it brings the old sounds of Mexico then fuses it with a style you can't really pinpoint or label as a genre which I think is fantastic. It's flat out different, it's catchy, it's culture, and it sounds great at the same time. M.I.S. will be at LAMC this year and this is surely someone we are going to look out for and stop by for a visit, meanwhile check out the Alocatel video they got from their latest album "Soy Sauce". Here's to music, making something new... AND good!