WGM Emcee Timeline: Lloyal Pt.3

Welcome to a new feature in WGM where we follow an emcee's career from their beginnings to present day and let you guys hear tracks from their start along with a few notes from the artist themselves and us. This was started so fans can be at a more personal growth level with their artists and also a self reflection tool for the emcee along with thoughts from us and the state of Hip-Hop as a culture. Hear how they started and the growth as an a artist...


Reppin El Barrio, NYC this emcee has released LLOYALMANIA!!!! (BTW DOPE) and recently got to talking with WGM on his music career. This will be a five part timeline on Lloyal so sit back relax, read, listen and enjoy.

Lloyal Rumble is here... Part 3 2008

Lloyal: "I released "Lloyal Rumble" in the late summer of 2008. This mixtape was recorded in my old school Baruch, while I was working for the radio station WBMB. It was engineered by my homey Matik (who I met at the radio station) and was mixed by DJ Nome (whom I also met at the radio station).

The first track, "Infinite Shine", was the first solo track I ever recorded with a chorus written by me. It features Prophit but the words are mine. I'm not too sure of the producer of the song, I just know it was an old Royal Flush song and the instrumental had just been on the WBMB studio Mac pro. "I Don't Write Songs" is a MF DOOM beat I got off one of his instrumental albums. Most of the beats I recorded on the mixtape were actually not original, I just digged for beats I didn't think most would be up on and rapped on them. I started off recording on a computer mic to go right into professional recordings. I'm talking Pro Tools with knowledgeable engineer and all.

Both of these songs are off my first project "Lloyal Rumble" where the theme was I was an MC entering a Rumble as #1 to face 29 other MC's. By the end of the mixtape, you find out that I beat out all the competition and the event "Royal Rumble" is changed to honor my achievement to "Lloyal Rumble."

Infinite Shine [audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/LLOYAL/L-IS.mp3]

WGM : Ok I see where he went with it now; it’s on with the grown man rhymes. Lloyal grew into his skill nicely; he’s not just placing words together. Infinite Shine has that Riverside Park NYC summertime chillin at the courts vibe to it. Sounding secure and not too cocky of what he spits, it makes his lyrical style shine with the flow set off right. No need for tossing all that fakeness around Lloyal keeps it real with this track.

I Don’t Write Songs[audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/LLOYAL/L-IDWS.mp3]

WGM : Using one of my favorite DOOM beats, I already was getting comfortable with this track. Proving himself lyrically he also goes on to talk about Steve Erwin and his shitty feat haha, you got to appreciate that. What I get soo far from Lloyal is there is no false image or front to who he is and it is what it is. We are definitely enjoying hearing the growth within an artist and how they go about their flow while building their own style. Dope.