Short Fuze & Nasa - Lobotomy Music

Let me give you a cool little back story as to how I came to listen to what Short Fuse and Nasa had to say/beat about. So I'm searching the net for local Giants and find out that an old graff writer that I knew from high school (He's also on the album) was with a label called Uncommon Records. Didn't think nothing of it and just thought it was cool that he was doing his thing. Now entering the Twitterverse I just to happen to get followed by Uncommon Records and got myself reintroduced to them out of nowhere. Synchronicity Drenez says, I believe it. Bam how cool is that? ...Very. Ok lets go.

So I finally got around to purchase and listen to Lobotomy Music and thank God it's some good ol real life NYC Hip-Hop. Short Fuse goes on to say at the end that this album took a while to make and it includes soo much of his personal life in it to where you feel like you went thru the same thing or really relate to what he's rhyming about. He goes on to weave stories about fighting for something, religion, emotions, a higher power, and self growth that can only happen from within first, yeah this isn't your regular 'rapper' this dude is actually about something. Nasa also turn over some ill sounds that solidifies this package that left me truly impressed, my dude you did your thing. This is one of those albums where you can just put your headphones on and close your eyes then nod the whole entire time just vibing out to some crazy sounds being guided by lyrical hands thru the right path. Progressive Hip-Hop is the stamp and it shines in all sorts of lyrical levels and definitely a different sound to which we are not all used to. Lobotomy Music is a much needed album in this sea of material filth which we drown our ears with daily.

Favorites: God's Waiting Room, Turn Off The Light, Bully Rappers, Berserker Fury, Doomsday Device, Gorgeous.

Check the snippet track off the album in where Short Fuze goes on to talk about where some of the tracks came from, it makes you appreciate the music a lot more. Oh yes I ordered the CD also, can't wait till I get it!