So you just quit?

As of late June a Dominican Hip-Hop artist by the name of Lapiz Conciente officially announced that he retires from rhyming and making new songs because of the "Lambones" or lames/uninvited/tag-a-long in the Dominican Hip-Hop industry. He has been an important figure shaping the genre in Dominican Republic,  however with this news I find it to be a odd choice if your in it because you love it. Yeah I get that a bad few can ruin something great... but just quitting and not make any new songs AND still perform at concerts and sell his cd's? Something doesn't seem right when I think about his decision as if he is holding out on saying something. Is there a part of your heart as an artist (any medium) that gets you to the point that you feel like quitting? Sure there is, but most of us don't just because we love it that much.

I have a feeling this is going to be a Jordan retirement, then again a lot of heart goes a long way. What do you guys think?